St Tropez

  • Please note that custom orders, or orders made on items that are out of stock will take up to 3 weeks to be produced. When the item is made the delivery method you select at checkout will be used. 

  • Discover a re-defined, made-to-measure menu of our signature designs, textures and embellishments to help you design and create your dream swimsuit, handmade to your exact specifications.




    Holidolls always uses superior fabrics to provide excellent quality products. We work with premium mesh for the best fit and we use only 4D stretchable Lycra that act as a second skin giving you extra support.

    We know that finding the perfect swimwear to complement your skin tone is quite the challenge so we have taken out the guesswork with our range of fabrics. The tones of the nude sheer panelling have been selected to enhance each skintone, for the fairest to the darkest.

    Choose your favourite one to find your true match: Nude Vanilla, Nude Blush, Nude Caramel and Nude Chocolate.

    If you prefer more colourful and vibrant shades, we have the perfect range of colour to compliment the summer tan and surrender you to tropical destinations. 

    Choose your favourite one: White, Black, Burgundy, Turquoise and Neon Pink.




    Our swimsuits are composed by a perfect blend of plastic, resin and glass beads to reduce the product weight and elevate the design.

    Like our fabrics, our crystals and beads are available in different colour to provide the perfect accompaniment: Clear, Clear Iridescent, Rose Gold, Topaz, Cinnamon, Amber, Yellow, Aquamarine, Fuschia Mix, Steal Grey and Black.

    Choose your favourite one or even select your personal mix and match to create your unique look.

    Also, each piece can feature glistening Swarovski crystals in an array of cuts, dimensions, colours and settings for added boldness and shine.




    We know that when you are wearing a swimsuit you want to feel great as well as look daring. That’s why each custom order is made based on your body measurement and designed with the female figure in mind.

    We would always use models and textures that compliment and streamline your body shape and features.

    Please allow 3 to 4 weeks to deliver you custom made swimsuit. Each piece is are handmade and hand-beaded in the heart of Italy, ensuring that each design boasts intrinsic craftsmanship and quality.


    Whether you’re creating a bespoke design for yourself, a gift to the person you love, Holidolls boutique is the right place to build memories for a special day.


    Write us in the extra information box for all your personalised requests, and create and unique stand-alone piece for your wardrobe.